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proxy sites for school
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A proxy site is one that stands in between the personal computer of an individual and the next site that they need to access – serving as an intermediary between the two.  This kind of association then allows one to access some sites that may have been blocked off or access denied artificially. The go-between serve also ensures that the IP address of the visiting machine is masked and hidden, allowing an individual to make and receive requests anonymously on the third site that they are accessing. Such behaviors are especially helpful in corporate organizations or other institutions such as schools offices and colleges where we may have certain sites completely sealed off.

However, finding the best proxy serve that will service all your requests in the best way requires you to do a little bit of shopping around.  Some of the proxy server sites will require you to make subscriptions – although small, to enjoy their services around the clock. This charge goes a long way in ensuri9ng that you get premium quality service that cannot be so easily matched with the rest – but there are numerous free sites that also allow you free service that is just at par with some of the paid sites. We went around town and collected some of the best proxy sites for schools that you could rely on for your anonymous searches, IP address masking and getting around those restrictions that could potentially limit your browsing freedom. is one of the most popular proxy servers around town. As the name suggests, this site is best suited for your IP masking, allowing you unhindered access to some of the restricted sites while complicating the work of tracking systems as they hit hitch after hitch.  The feature allows you access to files that could have been image hosted, unblocking the banned sites and helping you to enjoy some stream-less downloading.

The second in command comes proxify – allowing millions of people around the world access to unlimited numbers of WebPages at high speeds. This site comes with SSL and the popular HTTPS protoco9la for encryption- making the system fully anonymous and bringing home unprecedented access even to the most forbidden sites.  The site has been touted for its unmatched ability to handle all the operations of a basic proxy server, allowing one to automatically mask their identities as they surf through millions of pages around the world without the fear of tracking systems catching up with them.

Anonymouse is another household name in the proxy sites for school category.  The site was rated as the best in this category in 2013 – allowing users unprecedented anonymous web surfing capabilities as they traverse volumes of WebPages around the world.  The site is suggested to be the best for use in bypassing any kind of restrictions around the globe – with its systems assigning random IP addresses to users from different countries. Its ability to encode url is known to add yet a new layer of anonymity to the users.

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