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The internet of things has revolutionized how things are done, information shared and law enforced. The information age has seen almost everyone stay up to date with the most recent events, conduct business and even mobilize resources at the click of a button.  However, these beautiful advancements have not failed to attract some ugly information wars – with filters, tracking, hacking and many more unbearable practices slowly encroaching on the freedom of information envisioned by the progress of the internet. Not everyone is that happy to have their digital lives massively tracked, studied and analyzed and even authoritative regimes blocking access to some sites, content and material. And here is where the proxy browsers come in, offering you more than a dozen tricks to do the same thing undetected.

Proxy browsers allow you to access content from the sites you want to visit anonymously, simply because showing your head up as you walk on such sites could have repercussions that you do not want meted on your person.  Proxy browsers will stand in between and serve as the middleman – which in turn implies that the proxy server will send your requests to the site you want to access and pass the response to you – allowing you to access all material without revealing your true identity.

Proxy servers are also instrumental in accessing content that has been artificially blocked off by some authority.  It is still common to hear of some social media down because they may have criticized some popular godfather in the government, or simply certain sites are generally considered hostile to certain governments filtered off from the main search.  There is no earthly reason why people should be blocked from using social media or any other legitimate site – but unfortunately cases of debni9ed access are not so unpopular. Proxy servers can in turn help you circumvent these filters, access content and post your views unhindered.

Proxy browsers are also ideal for making network performance improvements, especially on slow connections. The browsers will help to compress the data and files that are then passed onto the client, helping to reduce the amount of data consumed and the speed of transfer – which is relatively higher because of the small size of the files that need to be passed on. This can be especially useful for regions experiencing data clout and when many people are accessing the same site simultaneously.

Proxy browsers also provide an added layer of security for individuals who do not need their browsing information studied or analyzed.  Many of the sites may automatically install cookies and other certificates on the machine used to access them – for customizing the experience and also making some targeted advertisements. However, some of these installations may also gather important self-identifying information regarding the user. Proxy servers help mask the real IP address and block such sites from gathering such information.  With a masked IP address, it becomes difficult for one to track the user of their browsing preferences.

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